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Jorge Mario BergoglioGod bless Pope Francis, first Argentinian pope, first Jesuit, first to use the name Francis.

NCR Online says:

Bergoglio’s, now Pope Francis’s, first words to a cheering crowd in an overflowing St. Peter’s Square were “Buona serra,” Italian for “Good evening.”

“You know the task of the conclave was to give Rome a bishop,” the new pope continued, speaking Italian with a slight Spanish accent. “My brothers went to the end of the earth to get him.”

Francis then asked the crowd to join him in praying “for our emeritus bishop, Benedict XVI.” Following both the Ave Maria and Our Father  prayers in Latin, the Argentinian then asked the crowd, overwhelmingly Italian, “for a favor.”

“Please ask God to bless me,” he said, bowing his head and clasping his hands.

Following the traditional Urbi et Orbi blessing to those in the crowd, the pope removed his stole and extended his hand in the air, almost as if patting those in the square on the head.

“Brothers and sisters, thanks for the welcome,” he said, before heading back into the Basilica. “Tomorrow I will pray that Mary safeguard Rome. Good night. Good rest.”

At whispersintheloggia.blogspot.com, Rocco Palmo says:

For the cardinal-electors to have gone out of Europe for the first time in over a millennium, to have gone to a Jesuit for the first time ever, and to have gone to the runner-up at the last Conclave in all of five ballots – with more than half the electorate changed over since last time – is not merely decisive….

Indeed, it’s epic.

And make no mistake about it – this is a mandate.

To no small degree, having come close to facing the “guillotine” last time, Jorge Mario Bergoglio has had almost eight years to prepare for this. Yet even beyond the first notes he struck as Pope Francis I, a Page Three note in the moment seemed to sum up the ecclesial significance best….

This ain’t Francis I so much as John Paul I
— Rocco Palmo (@roccopalmo) March 13, 2013

To be sure, that was down to the vesture – the simple white cassock, shirking the ermine mozzetta that was supposed to be worn with it.

And now, we’ll get to see what those 33 Days would’ve looked like, if they had had the chance to play out.

Most of all, though, let us pray….

O God, who in your providential design willed that your Church be built upon blessed Peter, whom you set over the other apostles, look with favor, we pray, on Francis, our Pope, and grant that he, whom you have made Peter’s successor, may be for your people a visible source and foundation of unity in faith and of communion.

Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever.


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