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Copied, with grateful thanks, from Catholic Memes.

Copied, with grateful thanks, from Catholic Memes.

From Rocco Palmo who blogs at Whispers in the Loggia:

O God,
our eternal shepherd,
who guides your people with a father’s care,
grant to your Church
a Pope acceptable to you
in holiness of life,
one entirely consecrated
to the service of your people.

If you haven’t been reading Rocco Palmo, take a look at his insightful views on what’s happening in Rome and his up-to-the minute commentary.

On La Stampa’s blog, Marco Tosatti says:

We are living an extraordinary Conclave. In a century of Church history, there has neve been a Conclave with so many credible possible popes. We can list at least ten, twelve names; when, for instance the situation in 2005 Conclave was incredibly poor. And in the past the race was between two, or three candidates, not more. Benedict XVI has made a great job, leaving a Church definitely stronger and cleaner than the Church he has inherited…

Yesterday, the cardinal electors each celebrated Mass in his own titular church. Here are some quotes from their homilies:

We need to trust the Church. This is a beautiful moment in the life of the Church, people from all around the world are following what we are doing with joy and hope – Cardinal Scherer of Brazil

God, give us a holy shepherd. A pope that could build the Church with the witness of his life – Cardinal Scola of Italy

Now is time to raise our heads, asking which is the road that will lead us from imprisonment to the true and only home – Cardinal Erdo of Hungary

Let us pray that the Holy Spirit illumines the church to choose a new pope who will confirm us in our faith and make more visible the love of the good shepherd – Cardinal O’Malley of Boston

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pope-candidates-cardinalsH/T Lisa Hendy at Patheos for this clip from Rome Report on what the Cardinals will be thinking about in the Conclave that starts next Tuesday.

Cardinal Bertone has listed what he believes the Cardinals need to look for.

John Allen gives his view of the questions facing the Cardinals.

He has also been running a series on papabile.

And speaking of papabile, the Anchoress talks about some of the less well known possibilities.

UPDATE: La Stampa has a neat interactive with all the cardinals.

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Brendan Malone offers a survival guide for the weeks before we have a new pope.

Headline points: ignore the media hype; be wary of the Catholic hype; don’t get caught up in the St Malachy prophesy hype; the Church has been through far worse – and survived; don’t forget the coming papal election is not a political one; remember, this is a moment of great joy.

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