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Copied, with grateful thanks, from Catholic Memes.

Copied, with grateful thanks, from Catholic Memes.

From Rocco Palmo who blogs at Whispers in the Loggia:

O God,
our eternal shepherd,
who guides your people with a father’s care,
grant to your Church
a Pope acceptable to you
in holiness of life,
one entirely consecrated
to the service of your people.

If you haven’t been reading Rocco Palmo, take a look at his insightful views on what’s happening in Rome and his up-to-the minute commentary.

On La Stampa’s blog, Marco Tosatti says:

We are living an extraordinary Conclave. In a century of Church history, there has neve been a Conclave with so many credible possible popes. We can list at least ten, twelve names; when, for instance the situation in 2005 Conclave was incredibly poor. And in the past the race was between two, or three candidates, not more. Benedict XVI has made a great job, leaving a Church definitely stronger and cleaner than the Church he has inherited…

Yesterday, the cardinal electors each celebrated Mass in his own titular church. Here are some quotes from their homilies:

We need to trust the Church. This is a beautiful moment in the life of the Church, people from all around the world are following what we are doing with joy and hope – Cardinal Scherer of Brazil

God, give us a holy shepherd. A pope that could build the Church with the witness of his life – Cardinal Scola of Italy

Now is time to raise our heads, asking which is the road that will lead us from imprisonment to the true and only home – Cardinal Erdo of Hungary

Let us pray that the Holy Spirit illumines the church to choose a new pope who will confirm us in our faith and make more visible the love of the good shepherd – Cardinal O’Malley of Boston

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