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Today is the Feast Day of the Chair of St Peter. The daily office and Mass readings are about the mission given to Peter.

Today is also 2 years since the Christchurch earthquake (the second major one in months, and the one that caused more than 130 deaths). By the way, the Church is thinking of preserving the facade of the ruined Christchurch basilica as an earthquake memorial.

In other history, the Indians introduced the European pilgrims to popcorn (in 1630), Spain sold Florida to the United States (in 1821), the first solo England to Australia flight touched down (1928), and the Beatles began their own publishing company (1963).

And on this day in 1948, in Plymouth England, after a heavy snowfall in the previous two days (illustrated above) an event occured that would shape my life and ensure those of my children and grandchildren. A small child was born very prematurely. The snow meant no medical help, so his family tucked him into a drawer with a hot water bottle and fed him glucose with an eye dropper. He confounded their expectations by surviving and then thriving; and he’s still going strong (thank God).

Happy birthday, my dear love.

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